Walking tour Through Makhaza (1,5-2 hours)

Our most famous activity is the walking tour.

This tour is guided by Lungi herself and she takes you through her neighbourhood Makhaza. You will be surprised  by the neighbourhoods creativity and entrepreneurship as well as the welcoming smiles. You will meet Golden “ the flower man”, the lady who brews and serves Umqombothi; the traditional Xhosa beer in her shebeen and the sangoma, which is a traditional healer.





On Sundays you can join Lungi to the church. You will visit a Spaza shop and other local businesses. You can even have your hair done at the local hair salon!!

During weekdays you will visit the Masande Educare Centre where the kids of the community go to daycare. But don’t worry; also during the weekend, you will see a lot of children on the street!


Daily lives

But above all you will have a look into the daily lives of people who live in the Makhaza area. In other words during the walking tour you will “meet the street”. All these activities are in the direct area where the township B&B is situated so that the community also can benefit from the presence of tourists as well. And of course they are all very excited to meet you!





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